Global Options

Output Options

Depcon makes it easy to integrate with third party systems. Any command or query in Depcon has the options to list results in tabular, JSON or YAML formats.

For example: depcon app list -o json would return a list of running applications in JSON form. You can also use -o yaml for YAML or no option which by default results in table/tabular form.

Switching Environments

Depcon allows the ability to configure N environments. To switch between environments you can use the -e global flag.


# Dev Integration
$ depcon -e dev app list

# QA
$ depcon -e qa app list

$depcon -e prod app list

The -e flag is unique among other flags. It must be used as the first argument as shown in the examples above


The -h or --help flag can be used to print usage at any level within Depcon. It will always provide usage based on the current subtree in command sequences